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Corporate Laggards

In early 2004, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics sent letters to hundreds of cosmetics companies that sold their products in the United States, urging them not to use toxic chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects. In response, some of the world's largest cosmetics companies, including Revlon and L'Oreal, agreed to globally reformulate their products to meet European Union safety standards, which ban many of the most toxic chemicals from personal care products.

The majority of the big cosmetics and personal care companies manufacturing and selling products in the U.S. have yet to agree to make safer products available to their customers. We continue to call on all cosmetics and personal care companies to put the health of their customers first by removing toxic chemicals and replacing them with safer alternatives in every market they serve.

You can help keep the pressure on them by taking action right now.

You can visit our Victories page for more information about the changing cosmetics marketplace, or see our History page to learn more about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.