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Change in your Community

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is all about you. After all, the stuff that goes on and in your body is totally personal. It's also something that affects your community, whether that's friends and family, your school, your book club, your church or other organizations you belong to. So start talking, start moving and start seeing healthy changes in your community and beyond!

We have some ideas here to get you started, but we know you have good ideas, too tell us about them and how we can help.

Share Safe Cosmetics Materials
Introduce friends and family to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics with our "Unmasked" brochure. We also have a petition, reports, a book and more that you can use to educate and engage people in your community.

Table at an Event
Tabling at a local health fair, natural foods store, school event, etc. boosts visibility and support for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and our local partners. Help us recruit volunteers, gather signatures for our petition to Congress, attract media and apply needed pressure on legislative and market targets.

Legislative Toolkit
Learn how to contact your legislator in person - it's a great way to support safe cosmetics legislation.

Write A Letter to the Editor
Love to write? Let more people know about cosmetics safety by writing a letter to your local paper or favorite magazine.