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The good news is, many companies are making safer products that work just as well if not better than products made with toxic chemicals the challenge is that you have to do some research to find them. Because of major loopholes in federal law, companies are allowed to use nearly any ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products even chemicals that are known to harm human health and the environment without listing everything on the label. Check out the "laggards" section below to learn more about some of the companies that really need to clean up their act.

Fortunately, many responsible cosmetics companies agree that safe is beautiful and are setting a high bar in the marketplace by agreeing not to use toxic chemicals in their products.

We're working with hundreds of these companies retailers, manufacturers and beauty industry professionals who support the goals of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and who've committed to educate others about safe cosmetics.

Join the New Safe Cosmetics Business Network
Manufacturers, retailers, salons, makeup artists and other professionals in the health and beauty industry play important roles in growing the market for safe products and providing good choices for consumers. Learn how your business can get involved.

The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act: What Does it Mean for Businesses?
Congress is ready to overhaul cosmetics regulation in the U.S. We give an overview of the bill and how it will impact manufacturers.

Green Chemistry Resources
In our efforts to support cosmetics companies in their transition to safer alternative ingredients for their products, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics provides information about Green Chemistry.