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Your Body, Your Health

All of us are exposed to toxic chemicals through the air, water and every day household products and all of us carry toxic industrial chemicals inside our bodies.

Learn about the latest research linking chemicals to diseases, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

For information about specific chemicals, visit Chemicals of Concern.

Measuring the Pollution in People
How do we know there are chemicals in people?

Timing of Exposure
A chemical's impact on health may be very different for a child or pregnant woman than for an average adult.

Low-dose Exposures
It turns out that the dose doesn't make the poison. Low doses may even have more impact than high doses.

Protect Your Health
Short, sweet tips for reducing your exposure to chemicals in cosmetics.

Cumulative Exposure and Feminine Care Products
A little bit of a chemical from your cosmetics, a little bit from your tampons...it all adds up.