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Over the past decade, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and our allies have analyzed hundreds of personal care products at laboratories. Our partners at Environmental Working Group have built the world’s largest database of chemicals in cosmetics, Skin Deep, which analyzes 68,000 cosmetic ingredients using definitive government, industry, and academic sources. This research indicates that many personal care products – from deodorants and lotions, to make-up and even baby shampoos – contain chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, skin problems, and other health effects.

For example, more than 1 in 5 personal care products contain chemicals linked to cancer, 80 percent contain ingredients that commonly contain hazardous impurities, and 56 percent contain penetration enhancers that help deliver ingredients deeper into the skin.

The companies say it’s just low levels of toxic chemicals in the products – just a little bit of carcinogen in the baby shampoo, for example. The problem is, most people are being exposed to scores of hazardous chemicals every day, from personal care products and many other sources.  Get the science about cosmetics ingredients and health right here.

Chemicals of Concern
Learn which ingredients to avoid, based on the science linking each to health problems. For each chemical, we also list the types of products it's found in and how to avoid it.

Your Body, Your Health
Are there really chemicals in us? How do they get there? Do small amounts matter? Find answers to these questions and more.

View and download reports about product testing, ingredients of concern and health from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and others.

Additional Science Resources