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State Legislation

In the absence of federal oversight, states have taken steps to ensure that consumers have access to safer products and more information about the products they buy.

Numerous states have introduced safe cosmetics legislation over the last four years. Two notable successes:

  • Washington State adopted legislation in 2008 that bans phthalates from personal care products marketed to or used by kids, part of the broader Children's Safe Products Act.
  • In 2005, California became the first state in the nation to pass state legislation governing the safety and reporting of cosmetic ingredients. The California Safe Cosmetics Act requires manufacturers to disclose to the state any product ingredient that is on state or federal lists of chemicals that cause cancer or birth defects. The resulting California Safe Cosmetics Program is now actively requesting data from companies and the database is open to the public.

Status Update

In November 2010 the California Attorney General's office enforced the Safe Cosmetics Act for the first time, filing suit against Brazilian Blowout for high formaldehyde content in its hair-straightening products.

What You Can Do

If you're interested in passing safe cosmetics laws in your state, contact us for resources and information.

More Information

California Department of Public Health: Safe Cosmetics Program