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The Complete Makeover Kit

Welcome to the Makeover Kit! By now you know that the government doesn’t require that cosmetics ingredients are safe before they are sold to consumers ... and hopefully you’re ready to take action.

There are lots of creative and meaningful a­ctions we can take to reform the cosmetics industry and urge government oversight:

  • Host a safe cosmetics house party to let friends, families and colleagues know about this issue.
  • Host a book club event to discuss Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, by Campaign co-founder Stacy Malkan.
  • Host a viewing party for The Story of Cosmetics, a 7-minute online film from the people who brought us The Story of Stuff.
  • Call or write to your favorite (or former favorite) cosmetics company to tell them that you’re concerned about the safety of ingredients in their products.
  • Coordinate a meeting with your elected officials' offices to ask for meaningful legislation that prevents toxic chemicals from getting into cosmetics and other consumer items.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper or favorite magazine.
  • Table at a local health fair or health food store.
  • Blog about this issue, make a YouTube video or use whatever creative skills you have to help get the word out.

Please let this Makeover Kit serve as a jumping-off point for your work to make personal care products safer. Contact us with questions and keep in to­uch — let us know how it goes, what worked well and what didn’t, what new ideas you came up with and the progress that you make. We want to help you spread the word (and have fun), all with the end goal of changing the industry for the better.

Useful Documents

Safe Cosmetics Party Kit PDF Host your very own safe cosmetics party! It can be big or small, crafty or not. We provide ideas, checklists and sample invites. Download Party Kit PDF.

Product Inventory Icebreaker PDF This is a great icebreaker for safe cosmetics parties, especially if party guests don't know each other or aren't familiar with the issue. Download Inventory PDF.

Recipes PDF Make your own safe cosmetics, or use our recipes as the basis for a safe cosmetics party. Download Recipes PDF.

Sample Letter DOC Send your concerns in writing to cosmetics companies, and ask them to clean up their products. Download Letter DOC.

Materials Primer PDF A list of brochures, books, PDFs and more from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Download Materials PDF.

How to Table PDF You, too, can represent the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at local festivals, school events, health food stores and more. Download Tabling PDF.