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Readers rate lip and eye makeup

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The Green Guide
February 1st, 2006

The Green Guide surveyed web site visitors who've used the following brands of lip and eye makeup, made without certain problem ingredients, to see how they found they performed when compared to conventional brands they've used:

Aveda Eye Makeup
Burt's bees Lip Makeup
Dr. Hauschka Lipstick or Lipliner
Ecco Bella Eye Makeup
Aubrey Organics Lip Color
L'Occitane Lip Makeup Here's what we learned from over 714 respondents:

1. Burt's Bees lip makeup and Aveda eye makeup were the most popular among respondents.

2. The majority of respondents who have used an eco-friendly brand of lip or eye makeup prefer it over a conventional brand they have used in the past.

3. Overall, L'Occitane and Dr. Hauschka lip makeup users say that these brand perform and look better than a conventional brand; Aveda and Eco Bella eye makeup users say that these brands perform and look as good as conventional eye makeup brands; and Aubrey Organics lip color users feel that this brand performs and looks worse than a conventional brand of makeup.

Aveda and Dr. Hauschka users are more likely to have to use the same amount as a conventional brand to get the look and color they want.

The majority of Aveda and Ecco Bella customers don't have to reapply this brand and slightly more than half of Aubrey Organics lip color users say that they have to reapply this brand more often than they do a conventional brand to get the look they want.

An overwhelming majority of eco-friendly lip and eye makeup users feel that these eco-friendly brand are of higher quality than conventional ones.

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