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Revlon markets itself as a company that cares about women and cancer, yet it uses toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases in its products. Our recent survey of Revlon products revealed numerous toxic chemicals—including parabens and chemicals that release the carcinogen formaldehyde—in mascaras, face creams, hair dyes and other products. 

The Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics teamed up with our friends at UltraViolet to launch a campaign demanding that Revlon stop using toxic chemicals in its makeup and hair dye. More than 45,000 people have weighed in so far.

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Revlon responded by threatening us with legal action. Our message to Revlon is that no amount of bullying is going to make us stop advocating on behalf of the millions of people who want and deserve safe cosmetics. At a time when Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Target and Walmart are cleaning up the beauty aisle by eliminating toxic chemicals, Revlon is like a dinosaur frozen in time in a changing world.

We’re demanding that Revlon:

•    Develop a comprehensive “safe cosmetics policy” to protect women from chemicals linked to cancer and other adverse health effects.
•    Support federal cosmetics safety legislation.
•    Share the Revlon product safety policy publicly on the company’s website.

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Read Revlon’s letter threatening legal action, along with our responses

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TAKE ACTION by posting this graphic on Revlon's Facebook page and sending the company a public message on Twitter.

Does Revlon Care

Check out our infographic detailing some of the toxic chemicals in Revlon products and the serious health concerns they are linked to. Share it on Facebook and Twitter to educate your community and put pressure on Revlon to clean up its act.

Revlon Toxic Products